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A single platform which can help create, market & sell beverages

Our services include beverage formulation, packaging development, label design, production set up and management, developing a marketing strategy and implementing the sales and promotion process. Our beverage consulting services are designed to complement our formulation, packaging design, production and marketing services.


We help our clients

Beverage Development

We can help taking your beverage from concept to a finished product and then into production. We have highly skilled beverage specialists and beverage packaging design and development experts as well as beverage production teams ready to create and produce your new beverage

Beverage Production

If you need help with any aspect of the process or help finding additional beverage production capacity or processing options. We can help you achieve the targets. Provide best manufacturing equipment and raw materials.

Beverage Sales

We offer you all the help you need to sell your beverages locally, nationally or globally. Contact our experts.

Beverage Marketing

Are you at the early stages of developing your new beverage brand or are trying to understand how to go about marketing your new beverages effectively. We understand all of the elements of marketing a beverage brand. Contact our team of friendly beverage marketing experts today and find out more.

Beverage Consulting

If you are starting a new beverage business or are you already running a beverage company. We are sure that you have a lot of questions about creating and producing or selling and marketing your new beverage brand? Contact us now for a free consultation with our beverage industry experts.




Lev Lepkin having more than 15 years experience in operations, production, and recipe development. He developed some famous liquor brands such as Invincible vodka and lot others which have been highly appreciated the world over.


Olga Morozova the CEO of Spirits Connections, having more than 12 years of rich experience in production; organoleptic evaluation, blend creation and marketing of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. She conducts training and consultancy in Russia, India, Europe and USA for different liquor types.



Design provides a window for a brand to reach out to audience globally. As a Graphic designer, my passion is to craft intuitive user experiences. I strive to create beautiful digital products with a focus on end user. Ten years of experience has helped me craft an excellent process of communication, design and using modern tools to bring out the final product to suit the demands of the brand.

by Olga Morozova (Author)

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