Gin is a strong drink (40-55% of alcohol), produced by distillation of raw alcohol from rye with dried juniper berries and spices (depending on the brand). Gins are also prepared by mixing raw alcohol, obtained from rye, with essential oils of berries of Juniper and other fragrant plants. First drink was prepared for medical purpose at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands as diuric remedy. In 1575 in Amsterdam the firm Lunasa Bela turned this medicine into an alcohol beverage.
By production technology, there are two main types of gin: Dutch Gin - juniper berries with other ingredients mixed with barley and rye ferment and distilled
London Gin-dry juniper berries or aromatic alcohol mixed with grain-alcohol-crude and distilled The main flavor of gin is due to the juniper berries. However, along with this, orange peel, cardamom and other flavors are used for aroma.