Whiskey Filtration System

Coloured alcohol beverages are usually characterised by abundant aromas and flavours which requires preservation and polishing. Our filtration solution is designed to solve complex of tasks such as : polishing from minor impurities, providing transparency and shine, removal of odors and disclosing exquisite aromas of the ingredients

BevFil LFS - 5µm

BevFil LFS - 5µm Absolute pleated cartridges contain no surfactant or binder that can break down, leach out, or permit the typical problems of channeling and media migration. BevFil LFS - 5µm Absolute pleated cartridge filters may be used as either as pre filters or as final filters for bulk filtration or point-of-use filtration. They are most appropriate for use when efficient filtration and economy are crucial.

BevFil LFS - 0.5µm

BevFil LFS - 0.5µm Series Pleated Filter Cartridges are manufactured to exact standards and are used in the most demanding industrial environments. Manufactured in a range of length options and micron ratings these cartridges achieve Beta ratio of 5000 at rated microns. Filter Media in BevFil LFS - 0.5µm Series Pleated Filter Cartridges has a fixed pore construction of high quality fibers. The combination of surface and depth filtration provides a long lifetime. Due to use of the premium quality filter media, the pleated filter cartridges have superior flow characteristics with very low pressure drop compared to depth media of similar micron rating. The pleated cartridge have a very large filtration area and therefore a very high dirt holding capacity. Long cartridge lifetime means lower operational consumable cost, less cartridge changeover and less waste and the fully thermal welded construction can be used safely on Brines, high temperature oily water, solvents, acid and diesel.


BevFil LFS - 0.45µm

BevFil LFS - 0.45µm cartridge filters feature a unique combination of asymmetric Polyethersulfone membranes and sub-micro glass fiber layers. The optimized structure of cartridge filters can take full advantage of the excellent performance of PES membrane. These features ensure the highest process efficiency and minimize filtration costs. A combination of well-defined retention efficiency and high total throughput capacity make them ideally suitable for liquids containing both particles and colloids. BevFil LFS - 0.45µm can guarantee the micro-biological stability of the liquid with a low adsorption of protein, polysaccharide and polyphenol. Overall, BevFil LFS - 0.45µm will offer a stable operation of filtration system.

BevFil LFS - 3-1µm

BevFil LFS - 3-1µm filter cartridge combines the advantages of a continuously graded pore structure and a unique pleated geometry to provide an increase in effective filtration area and service life. Its unique depth-pleated filters with non-woven polypropylene media provides excellent gels and agglomerates removal performance in Critical process filtration. The special depth pleated filter media in BevFil LFS - 3-1µm is designed for high particle removal efficiency ink, food and beverage, pharma and other similar applications.