Beer Filtration System

Beer filtration is multi stage process not only to clear it from impurities but to achieve colloidal and microbiological stability which is essential for taste and shelf life.

CO2 filter

Hydrophobic filters are used to allow air to flow in and out of storage tanks. As tanks are emptied of liquid, clean air must be allowed to flow into the tank and when tanks are filled, air must be able to escape. The tank vent filter is designed to allow sufficient air flow to match the rate at which liquid is added or removed.

CO2 filter

Cellulose pad are made of blend of cellulose fibers with filter media provid-ing required retention of particles, wet strength

BevFil S4 - 5 micron

BevFil S4 - 5µm cartridge Filters are ideally suitable for filtration of various liquids in various industrial applications. BevFil S4 - 5µm cartridges contain no surfactant or binder that can break down, leach out, or permit the typical problems of channeling and media migration. Filtration surface area of 0.6 m2 per 10" allows high flow rates at reduced pressure loss as well as higher dirt holding capacity resulting in lower operating cost. BevFil S4 - 5µm cartridge filters may be used as either as Pre-filters or as final filters for bulk filtration. They are most appropriate for use when high efficiency filtration is crucial.


BevFil S5 - 0.2 micron

BevFil S5 - 0.2µm Series Pleated Filter Cartridges are manufactured to Indusrialrial standards and are used in the most demanding industrial environments. Manufactured in a range of length options and micron ratings these cartridges achieve high effciency at rated microns. The BevFil S5 - 0.2µm Filter Cartridge is consructed of high quality Polyether sulfone (PES) membrane media and nonwoven support materials. The materials of cage, core and end caps are polypropylene. Adaptors are thermally welded with media without using any glue or adhesives to prevent any possibility of pollution.