Any alcohol solutions be it spirit, distillate or alcohol drink differ in quality by their purity, organoleptics ( smell and taste ), transparency and shining. Multiple technologies, methods and tools are developed by leading world manufacturers. We offer turn key solutions to your manufacturing needs from basic filtration to highly sophisticated equipment for premium brands.


Preparation of water for manufacturing of alcohol beverages plays the most important role for the beverage as a whole.The more "alive" water is used the more tastier, transparent and healthier the product becomes. We offer several ways to create tasty and healthy water, make it feel fresh and enrich it with useful minerals.

Shungite Filtration of water

Shungite is a carbon composite which has amorphous structure and is characterized by its high reactivity in thermal processes, high sorption and catalyst properties, conductivity and chemical resistance—Shungite contains 30% of shungite carbon and 70% of silicates. Shungite particles have bipolar qualities, hence it is high adhesive and can be mixed up with any substances. Shungite reacts with water not only like adsorbent or filter element. It has catalyst and cation exchange qualities . Shungite has ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds : phenols, fatty high molecular acids, alcohols, etc (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms and gases 98% purification from Cr+6. Shungite is being called also a Healing stone. Use of Shungite treated water is recommended for treatment of various illnesses – including asthma, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, immune related diseases, cardio vascular and many other.

Silver Filtration of water

Silver – noble metal of all ages. Kings from ancient time were using Silver crockery (plates and glasses)


Silver prevents bacteria and algae from building up; Removes drinking water of bacteria, chlorine, trihalomethanes, lead, particulates and odor. Our filters are containing activated carbon impregnated with Silver which enables to Adsorb dead organics and hence improve taste

  • Adhere freshness
  • Get rid of bacteria
  • Get rid of odors


We offer patented well recommended filtration systems based on Russian Technology. Designed to create tastes of the product by improving organoleptic properties of ENA and WATER like:
Formation of pleasant taste by acetals which appear during the filtration processes which soften andenrich the taste.
Removal of side organics and compounds of ENA like ketones, olefines acroleins, amino alcohols Organoleptic improvements.
Removal of smell.
Prevents formation of aldehydes in treated.
We offer Silver, Platinum, Diamond and Golden Filtration for premium brands of Vodka and other beverages.


Used for final pre-bottling filtration and have the following advantages and applications:
Steadily high quality of beverages
Smooth start-up, maintenance of prescribed pressures at the input and output of the system
No hydraulic blows
Optimum set of options, compact size
Full exhaustion of service life of filter elements
ouchpad for real-time control of all filtration parameters
Cleaning of filter elements with high-purity water or reconditioning with washing solutions directly inside the system without using any extra pump
Removal of residual product with sterile compressed air
Reliable component parts
Automatic or semi-automatic


For Wines

Defertilizing filtration of wines in cold sterile bottling conditions.
Removal of residual opalescence in hot bottling conditions.
Fine filtration of flushing water and washing liquor.

For Beer

Trap filtration ( fine filtration after precoat diatomaceous earth filter)
Defertilizing filtration (for cold sterile bottling) using membrane cartridges to increase post-bottling stability
Sterilizing filtration of process air, carbon dioxide

For Cognac, Brandy and Whisky

Polishing filtration before bottling
Removal of excess amounts of metals (Ca, K, Fe, Cu,etc) for beverage stabilization
Improvement of organoleptic properties of beverages