Whenever a need emerges for an efficient, reliable and futuristic cooling solution, with the essence of embedded environment and safety considerations, Geoflair is the name to reckon with. Geoflair is promoted by a team of thinking technocrats, with upto 25 years of hands-on experience in HVAC-R field — with firm bent of mind to design and create systems and solutions that are custom-engineered for the very specific cooling needs, yet excite users and interest groups equally, through sensibility and ease of operation, deriving a fine balance between total cost of ownership and use of futuristic technologies. We strive to serve and delight consumers world-over exploring and utilizing the unlimited potential of making in India and the dividends it carries on short and long term basis, within an extremely competitive global business domain. To foster this thought and to realize benefits as conceptualized, the solutions are derived as per specific but ever varying and upgrading process needs, which form the very basis of our approach to tackle a demand And when we finally define it on functional level, adding clarity and tangibility, our entire focus is on , 1 Understanding process demand first and in entirety; equip, listen, suggest, compare, devise Innovating, engineering, creating, appraising Installing skillfully, within most desirable spaces and surroundings; supported conscientiously Widest Range of Products and Technologies


R134a, R410A, R404A, R407C, R22, R717

Compression Technologies

Screw, Scroll, Piston

Refrigeration Capacities

2TRto 1100TR, single skid

Condenser Types

Air-cooled, Water-cooled, Evaporative, Cascade

Fluid Temperatures

+500C to -450C

-9 Ambient Temperature

+580Cto-35 ocCooling Fluids : Water,Air, Gases, Beverages, Oils, Acids, Chemicals

Custom - Engineered

Geoflair caters to varying demands of temperature control for specific process needs, which need systems and solutions with moderate as well as high levels of customization. And since we have been providing solutions to such needs from inception — eager and willing to take up new challenges on continued basis — we have developed our entire expertise around such demands. And since we have had repeated exposures to such processes, given to our operating module, there is a lot of experience generated through working on each such project, generating enough references to offer such solutions which are fool-proof and future-ready, yet reliable and efficient. Thanks to such distinctive cooling needs, we have been able to produce and handle a range of allied products too, which form an essential part of such solutions when handled on turnkey basis. Teams are exposed to developing and handling such items, which are not necessarily produced by us in entirety, but with complete support in designing and manufacturing being provided from our end, culminating into a product which essentially is custom designed and produced to our desire.

Few such equipments and solutions are

Flake Ice Plants for concrete cooling, for construction at Dams, Power Projects etc., upto 50TPD
Condensing units for process cooling needs, for upto -500C evaporating temperatures; upto 150TR
Evaporative condensers and closed condensers, for special HVAC and process cooling requirements
Distillery Chillers for beverages, for temperature control during production of beer, vodka, wine etc.
Heat pumps for specific and customized HVAC-R requirements, 2TR to 120TR
Ammonia and Freon based refrigeration equipment, for cold rooms, cold storages, clean rooms etc.
Shell and tube type heat exchangers, custom-engineered for specific requirements; with special metallurgyWater and fluid storage tanks, for applications like concrete cooling etc., upto 50,000 litres